Rules of conduct.

Rules of conduct

Ref. Act on owner sections of June 16, 2017 No. 65 and the articles of association of the Boligsameiet
Bergensveien 4. Adopted at the annual meeting (April 9, 2019).

The purpose of the Code is to secure common interests and to create a good relationship
between co-owners and residents.

Each resident is responsible for compliance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct,
cf. section 2.4 of the statutes (new statutes):

The use unit and the common areas must not be used so that other section owners are inflicted
unduly or unnecessarily on damage or inconvenience.

The rules of order not only contain duties, they are to ensure the residents peace,
order and security in the homes.

External order


Garbage and waste should not be placed in the common areas of Same in one.
Paper and cardboard should be folded and placed in their own labeled containers in the

Garbage bags must be tied again before being thrown in the garbage can .

The garbage thrown in the shaft must be as dry as possible. It is strictly forbidden to throw burning things (eg cigarette butts) and flammable waste into the shaft. Bottles and glass should be placed in a container on the outside of the building. NOT IN THE CHAIR.

Otherwise, all the garbage thrown into the shaft must be well wrapped.
The shaft doors must ALWAYS be closed and locked.


It is not allowed to lay waste, bread etc. to birds, as this attracts
rats and mice, and in particular DUER. Do not throw food from the balcony to the roof
over the neighborhood center or in the parking lot.


It is not allowed to hang clothes, blankets or bedding over the railing on the
balcony. Shaking / knocking of clothes / carpets from balcony, window or staircase
is prohibited. Matches, cigarette butts, bags, food and the like must not be thrown from a

Cigarette butts, matches and the like. nor should it be thrown into the lifts or the
common areas.

Bicycles, strollers and the like. shall not be set in stairs, hallways or outside the
main entrance door.

Flower boxes should hang inside the balcony railing. Never on the outside so it can fall down.

The front door and cellar and common room doors should always be locked.

Opening hours for cellar access, bicycle storage are: 07:00 – 23:00 every

Opening hours for access to basement stalls and attic stalls are:
Every Monday at. 07:00 – 13:00
Every Friday at. From 15.00 to 21.00.
Other times can be arranged.

The use of open fire or bare light in the basement is prohibited.

Make sure that water and sewer pipes in the winter time are not exposed to frost by leaving windows and
doors open.


Ventilation takes place through window or balcony door.

The occupant / apartment that ventilates through the entrance door and triggers the fire alarm will be
charged the same amount that the Fire Service charges the same with for any
emergency call, currently allowed. 7 500. 

If someone finds it necessary to open windows in stairwells, he or she is
responsible for closing the window again.

Never open a window without the storm hook on and what is in the
window sill has been removed.

Do not close the air valves with tape / plastic and the like, the valves in the bathroom, kitchen and
living room are there for air circulation in the apartments.

During the heating season, the apartment needs ventilation a couple of times a day for short
moments in order for the apartment to stay warm, trapped air does not get warm.

Treatment of the apartment


Bathrooms and kitchens must only be used so that they do not cause leaks or other
damage to the building or other apartments.

Only urine, stools and toilet paper should be thrown into the toilet.

It is prohibited to throw sanitary napkins, diapers, toothpicks, swabs, hair,
disposable cloths, coffee grounds, tea bags, potato peelings, food scraps and the like. in the toilet.
Rinse and rinse with liquid drain opener every 2 months or more.

Reckless use of bathrooms is prohibited, cf. Section 6 on calm in the apartments.

If a pipe is leaking and the stopcock is not closed immediately, wrap a
towel or piece of cloth around the site, and hang a snippet of the cloth in
a bucket or sink to collect the water there.

Contact the owner / board and call the plumber.

Damages that cannot be rectified by the occupant themselves must be reported to the Board immediately

Hot water must not be used unnecessarily

If the toilet is buzzing and it cannot be repaired immediately, for the sake of the neighbors , the stopcock must
be closed and only opened every time the toilet is used.

Should it occur during a water tap, it should not be used until the damage has
been repaired.
Contact the Board of Directors / Board member should take place in the period from 10:00 to 14:00, unless
something particularly urgent applies.

When connecting to the farm’s common plant, special plugs with a shielded insertion for the appliance must be used
. Outer dish is not allowed.

Tranquility in the apartments

Article 6

Between 7 p.m. At 23:00 and 08:00 there will be peace in the apartments.

Necessary traffic in stairs, corridors and lifts must be as quiet as possible,
moving late at night and night is not allowed.

The noise level in the apartments should also not be so high that it is a nuisance to the

Unnecessary bangs when closing the entrance door must be avoided.

Music lessons are not allowed.

Bergensveien 4 is not a child-friendly farm.

Children cannot stay in the common areas.

Child does not have access to the laundry.

Drilling, knocking, hammering, pigging, milling, use of electric drills and other
noisy work in connection with renovation and rehabilitation of the apartments are
only allowed during the following periods:

Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 17:00.

On Saturday, Sunday and all holidays it should be quiet.

Before work on renovation / rehabilitation starts, the Board must have written
information on who is the responsible contractor for
renovation work / rehabilitation, the length of the work, and a copy of all necessary
permits in connection with plumbing and electrical installations.
After completion of the work, the board shall be able to request a declaration of conformity for the
electrical work and a certificate of completion for the plumbing work.

Duration beyond one day MUST be notified when posting about the length of the work. No
work can be carried out in the common areas without the approval of the Board.

Works of this kind must be restricted and planned, objections from neighbors and
residents must be respected.

Washing, drying of law etc.

• /

The laundry must not be used as a nuance to other residents. Use of the hose from the
laundry to the car wash is not allowed.

The laundry is open between 10.00 and 17.00. 8am and 2pm. 10 pm Monday – Friday.
Saturday at From 08.00 to 15.00.

Outside of these times, the power to the machines is switched off .

Child does NOT have access to the laundry.

Reservation of washing time and machine is made by everyone in the book located in the laundry,
this must be respected.

The machine can be used by other occupants if it is still idle for 10
minutes after the reserved time. If clothing is left in the machine after the expired time, it can be
removed after 10 minutes.

The laundry can only be used by residents of Boligsameiet Bergensveien 4.



The co-owners shall report the rental of their apartment in writing / by mail to the Board with
information about the tenant’s name, telephone number and the length of the tenancy, and whether the
tenant shall have access to the basement or attic if necessary.

The tenant’s access tag is issued for the agreed lease period, if the
lease is longer the Board must be notified.
If the owner changes address / mail address etc. this must be reported to the Board.
This information is for internal use only by the Board of Directors (duty of confidentiality), for
example for convening a general meeting / annual meeting and after any other
need, where contact between the board and the co-owner is necessary.

The tenant is responsible to the section owners for any damage or inconvenience that
may arise from the tenant.

The section owner is again liable to Samei for any damage and inconvenience
caused by the tenant or the section owner himself. See section 13 below.

These Rules of Procedure with later notice, circular, lookup apply as part
of any leases. Landlords (section owners) are obliged to inform their
tenants of the Rules of Order.

Co-owners who sell their apartments are obliged to report this to the Board with
information on the owner’s name and date of acquisition and from which date the new owner is
responsible for an account payment of the section’s share of the joint expenses.

Rules of Procedure and the Articles of Association shall be handed over to the new owner upon takeover,
if the apartment is rented, the owner MUST inform the tenants of laundry, stalls,
garbage, etc. and what other rules apply in B4.

Message, circular, lookup etc.

Article 9

Notices from the Board of Directors by circular or circulation shall apply in the same manner as the
provisions of the Rules of Procedure.

Announcements that are wanted to be posted on Sami property can only be placed on the
bulletin board. The board’s lookup has preferential rights.

The common area of ​​the condominium and communal facilities of all kinds


The Board of Directors is authorized to eel associated with ordinary operation of the property.

The allocation of common rooms and facilities is subject to the Board’s
rules, cf. otherwise, § 2.4 of the articles of association.

Internal changes


Internal alterations are allowed to the extent that they do not conflict with
public regulations or may be detrimental to other co-owners.

§ 12

Exterior arrangement on building is not permitted without prior notice

approval by the Board of Directors. (Section 5.3 of the Association’s Articles of Association)

The effects of defaults

§ 13

In the event of a material breach of the House Rules and / or failure to pay

joint expenses, the condominium may claim the apartment vacated and possibly sell

section. Ref. Section 16 of the Ownership Act, of March 16, 1983, No. 7.

Change of rules of order

§ 14

Changing the house rules requires a simple majority of those present

Voters at annual meeting / general meeting.

Extra copies of the House Rules can be obtained from the business manager or the board via

mailbox. Also in English.